Put the pressure on with HI. Pressure

All Carbon Powered

All Carbon

Ultra light weight and high strength carbon double bend outrigger paddle is designed for maximum pressure when you need a boost in your paddling performance.

Paddles are maximized for lightness. No logos or extra layers. You can customize it however you want.

Lightweight Hybrid Paddle

Hybrid Paddle

Conforms to Hawaii outrigger rules but doesn't trade off performance. This light weight and solid paddle will propel your 6-man wa'a fast through the water with less fatigue than a heavier blade.



Paddle bags, t-shirts, etc. Coming soon.


Products assembled in Hawaii and only available locally:

  • Hand assembled and prepared individually
  • Orders over 20 can have customized club logos on the blades
  • Delivery time depends on current inventory
  • No logos! Paddles are void of anything unnecessary that might add weight. You can decorate them however you like.

We pride ourselves in providing a product we use and race with every day -- no compromises.

If you want to special order a large batch for your club we'd be happy to work with you and provide a great price.