Who den?

Eric and Keola started this adventure after finding a company to produce very light weight and strong paddle parts. We've used them personally for several years and decided to assemble them for others. Since the beginning we've always tested our products and parts for quality and consistency. We've also worked on our own high pressure epoxy blend for assembling the paddles.

We are based in Hilo, Hawaii and currently we do not provide paddles outside of the Big Island (Hawai'i) because we want to focus on the local market and our club.

Why den?

We aren't out to just sell a bunch of paddles. We want to get people involved in paddling and that includes trying to make new equipment and approaches to paddling. If you look at our Downloads page we have a couple of free apps for Garmin IQ watches. When time allows we are going to look into building OC1/OC6 mounts, electronics, unlimited OC1/OC6 in Hilo. We are starting off slow and just getting our paddles going. The feedback has been great and we look forward to doing more things in the future.